A Well Oiled Machine Runs Better

Service staff is the front line and how they perform at their job is a direct reflection of your commitment to the experience of your guests. Considering a high failure rate within the industry coupled with an increase in newrestaurants, you have to be on top of your game to stay competitive. More importantly, cracks in your service staff limits your ability to make money.

Here are 4 ways service can impact your revenues:

  1. Slow Service limits the chances guest will order more, diminishes the enjoyment of their food and causes tables to turn less per shift.
  1. A lack of menu knowledge decreases a servers confidence to up-sell, limits a guest choices by sticking to standard dishes, creates inefficient service and causes discord among FOH & BOH staff.
  2. Without a well documented procedure for points of service you’re leaving your restaurant open to inconsistency, ineffective management and a lack of accountability.
  1. Inattentive service could cause you to miss the opportunity to correct a wrong. All restaurants make mistakes, the biggest mistake is when those mistakes are unanswered.

A well designed training program can put your staff on track for success. Chef U Consulting can help you by designing a training program to fit your restaurants needs.  

Originally published 2/18/13