Great Restaurants Aim Higher

On a busy Saturday night, in one of Birmingham’s best, I am reminded that great restaurants are more than the space they inhabit, more than the words on their menu or the people that deliver it. They understand the experience people want, they invest in the structure to give their customers consistency, demand the best from their employees and as such, they offer more to their communities. The quality and execution of your food is the single most important aspect to the success of your restaurant. You can have the best location but if the food is not memorable, your success will be limited. You can have missteps in service but if the food is unforgettable, they’ll forgive you in those instances. Guests don’t quibble over price when they feel it was worth every penny.

Many operators have experience in other restaurants, they can assemble an interesting menu but the real talent of a creative chef is in the recipes and the execution. You wouldn’t hire a nurse to do a surgeon's job, then why would you hire a manager to do a chef’s job?

Chef U Consulting can give you the talent of a chef without the commitment of a salary.

Originally published 2/28/13