How Do You Define Success?

To a small business owner, an employee or anyone, there is only one definition of success that matters. How happy am I? Success means different things to different people. In business (and life), there are choices and tradeoffs. And the tradeoffs are unavoidable. You can try to compartmentalize it all you want but each aspect of your business cannot be separated from one another. Each is a permanent part of the whole. You can’t focus on one area without letting go in another.

Want to make more money? You can, but something has to give.

You want to be a more popular restaurant? You can, but something has to change.

Want more time for your personal life? You can, if you create a system that will free you.

Want better service? You can have it, if you give them the tools to give it.

What is it you want to achieve in your business? You can get there, if you have a clear vision of where you are and a plan to get there.

Intentions matter but results matter even more. If you are doing all you can and you’re still not happy, you should rethink your strategy. If you are happy, then you are successful!

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Originally published 3/13/13